Follow my inner and outer travels as I stumble along with simple life, simplicity, downsizing and journey moderately minimal.

My new memoir contains chapters about my relationship with my clothes, downsizing, and my stuff. Writing about this in a very big public way has helped me get clear with myself and gain focus as I wander along.

It would take me many years to embrace the concept of living with less, and to reach the good place where I am now— but that afternoon was a beginning.

Life-in-Progress. When I first began publishing my minimal-ish wardrobe stories I had no idea thousands of readers around the world would read my posts. 

Living and working from home, finding my rhythm

Project 333

What Emotional Issues Surrounding Clothing Are Swimming Around in Your Head?

My thoughts, mistakes and what I’ve experienced and have learned

Downsizing and Moving into a Smaller Space

More on downsizing, soup-making and home

Finding peace and tranquility in the chaos of the holidays

My Version of Minimalism

Cultivating Calm and Spiritual Renewal in a Chaotic World

Follow my "Change of Place" and "Downsizing" posts (See Archive/Labels) at Earth and the Great Sea, about relocating to a new city and moving into a small space. There is a lot more for me to learn and discover. Follow along with me.

My online journal is my open field to explore, tell stories, think out loud and find inspiration. Wander along with me while I stumble along with simple life, simplicity, downsizing and journey moderately minimal.


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My journal at Earth and the Great Sea is my open field, to explore, tell stories, think out loud, find inspiration, and share updates.