Voices Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors, Johns Hopkins University Press

Visit www.nibjournal.org/news/voices.html to download this open access collection. 

My essay, Prepping for the Day You Hope Never Arrives: Facing Recurrence, is included. Page 29.

Following the release of the Voices publication it was also a great honor and sincere privilege to be invited to sit on a panel, speak and read my story at the ASBH American Society of Bioethics and Humanities Conference.

Since I've been writing and speaking in other genres and venues, and away from the pediatric brain tumor world for a number of years, I felt like the fairy godmothers must have tapped me with a magic wand, leaving me eloquent and able to speak on a tender topic far beyond my usual ability. I’m sure this must be because my fellow panelist, a beautiful and articulate young woman who is a pediatric brain tumor survivor, spoke and rode on the wings of grace and presented a paper that was far beyond excellent.

I am deeply appreciative for our outstandingly good audience, and a deep bow, many thanks, and grateful acknowledgements to the editors, to my fellow panelists, to ASBH, and Johns Hopkins University Press.