"I'm not a German person, I'm not a white person, I'm not a totally Native person. But somehow I can move between these worlds very easily." —Louise Erdrich. 

For author Terra Trevor, of mixed Cherokee, Delaware, Seneca and German ancestry, Erdrich’s words could be a metaphor for her life. She describes herself as traveling incognito and says her mixed heritage allows her to remain an outsider in her writings. 

In this collection of writing she turns to her favorite literary terrain exploring themes of community, race, motherhood, the natural world, simple life, simplicity, and the urgent business of being alive. Some of these pieces have been published previously, excerpts from her books, magazine pieces and guest essays previously published on other blogs, including The Huffington Post. A number of posts are serious/substantial, balanced with lighter topics. Most of all, the writings within these pages are timeless (vs. timely).

Pushing up the Sky: Goodreads Book Giveaway

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Pushing up the Sky by Terra Trevor

Pushing up the Sky

by Terra Trevor

Giveaway ends January 31, 2017.
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Thank you for caring enough to read Pushing up the Sky. I wrote this memoir ten years ago, and it was my first book. In the years since it was published I’ve learned a great many writing and motherhood lessons, which have allowed me to become a better writer, and a better mother. Within these pages I offer you my humble beginnings.

If I could be granted one wish I would ask not for rave reviews, only that this book might change a million hearts, and that it will be read beyond my lifetime. I will never know how many people have been touched, and perhaps changed by my memoir, I do know that it has been passed steadily from the hands of readers because I have received hundreds of emails telling me. My favorite reader story is from a nurse at Children’s Hospital who wrote saying that all of the nurses on her floor have read my book and everyone was touched and changed. May this give-away be a step along that road. 

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