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In this collection of writing I turn to my favorite literary terrain exploring themes of community, race, the natural world, simple life, simplicity, and sharing my thoughts on the urgent business of being alive. 

My stories illuminate our humanity, remind us to be open, to connect, hope, to question, or bring change. Some of these pieces have been published previously, excerpts from my books, magazine pieces and guest essays published in other online places. A number of posts are serious/substantial, balanced with lighter topics. Most of all, my writing is timeless (vs. timely).


Terra Trevor | Online Journal

I began writing my online journal pages for myself to think out my own particular pattern of living and my own individual balance of life. Too often my thoughts are set on writing, meeting deadlines, and meeting life's demands in a thousand ways, future oriented, and not enough time living in the moment. I began to search for ways to weave in more solitude and simplicity. 

First, I began reducing the amount of clothes I buy and wear. My busyness stopped. The fragments of my life became still. I began to connect to the part of me that craves simplicity. Minimizing and simplifying my clothing allowed me to see excess consumption in other parts of my life as well, and to make changes. I began to examine and re-evaluate my shopping habits and my consumptive nature. I’ve come to understand that I enjoy a lifestyle of owning less. It provides me with freedom, calm, enhances and gives me greater satisfaction than owning an abundance of things ever did. The shift in my thinking brought me back to caring deeply about sustainability and interconnectedness, Native values I was raised with, but were slipping away from me. 

Next I began to pay attention to reducing the clutter in my mind. Reminding myself that I must be alone for a part of each day, longer stretches of time are best, but even for an hour or two or I will have little to give to my family, my friends, my community, and to the world at large. 

There is much more to explore. This is only a beginning.

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"I'm not a German person, I'm not a white person, I'm not a totally Native person. But somehow I can move between these worlds very easily." Louise Erdrich

For me, with my Cherokee, Lenape, Seneca, German ancestry, Erdrich’s words are a metaphor for my life. I’m traveling incognito, and at times my mixed heritage allows me to remain an outsider in my writing. 

As a person of the world I wear the face of a woman with light skin privilege. My gray hair and wrinkled neck speak for me, show that I have lived many years.  The placement of my eyes, small, deep-set above broad-boned cheeks, and my wherewithal attest that I’m a rough around the edges mixed-blood. 
But what you cannot see is how the language of adoption gives me deep roots into Korean lifeways. While my son, Korean-born, explored what it meant to be Korean American, I sank in roots. My soul is connected and thirty years in the Korean community shaped and changed me. 

Those thinking they know what to expect when they see my face will not identify me as mixed race, as Native, or as a member of an Asian blended family, or understand that my heart is connected to Korean ethnicity.

Terra Trevor — Writing, Reading and Living

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