Writing by Terra Trevor

In this collection of writing Terra Trevor turns to her favorite literary terrain exploring themes of community, race, ethnicity, motherhood, the natural world, simple life, simplicity, and the urgent business of being alive. Some of these pieces have been published previously, excerpts from her books, magazine pieces and guest essays published on other blogs. A number of posts are serious/substantial, balanced with lighter topics. Most of all, the writings within these pages are timeless (vs. timely).

My Journal Writing: Reflecting on my Journey

Writing brings clarity, passion to the act of living, grounding for the soul. Share in Terra Trevor’s outlook on life, ponder her insights and hard-won truths. Reading pages from her journal, she shows how a spiritual life manifests with journal writing, inviting others to reflect upon their own life’s journeys. More

Growing up Native American

When I lead creative writing classes for children frequently the teachers, the children and their parents tell me they have a desire to learn more about American Indians.

Since November is National Native American Heritage month, too often teaching the rich histories of Native Peoples braided together with Thanksgiving, which does not offer an accurate history of Native America. This limited view also does not humanize the otherwise “vanishing race” and share the stories our people would like told.

The children explained they had few opportunities to meet and talk with American Indian people. Their quest for a deeper understanding then developed into an idea to take the kids to a Powwow, and they asked me to lead them into a day of drumming, dance and regalia.
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