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by Terra Trevor

In this collection of writing I turn to my favorite literary terrain exploring themes of community, race, the natural world, simple life, simplicity, and sharing my thoughts on the urgent business of being alive. My stories illuminate our humanity, remind us to be open, to connect, hope, to question, or bring change. Some of these pieces have been published previously, excerpts from my books, magazine pieces and guest essays published in other online places. A number of posts are serious/substantial, balanced with lighter topics. Most of all, my writing is timeless (vs. timely).

10 of my favorite places in the US where you can experience Native American cultures

One of my earliest memories is watching Grandma sew beads on Uncle Elmer’s deer skin leggings. Listen to my grandmother and you’ll hear stories about me in diapers moving to the heartbeat of the drum. Talk to me and I’ll tell you about my husband recalling how unfamiliar he felt when he first met me and found himself the only non-Indian person among American Indians. Blending our lives (and later raising our children) helped me gather opportunities where he could begin to understand and learn about Native lifeways. 

Recently an editor invited me to contribute an article about friendly places to experience Native American cultures. While researching the piece I had fun traveling from my armchair, revisiting some of my favorite places. You will notice that the title of the original article says culture. It ought to read cultures, reflecting the fact that Native American people are of many, many tribes, Nations and cultures, languages, histories. 

I greatly enjoyed researching and writing the article and I’m thankful for the invitation to take my readers into Native America to visit the thriving lifeways of a continuing land and people. 

Read my article at Matador Network to see 10 of my favorite places to discover modern-day Indian life and to observe tribal descendants echo and give expression to cultural traditions.

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