I'm available to give readings, sit on panels, and for visits with book club readers 
to talk about my books with the people who read them.  

To request an appearance, contact me.

For permissions related to We Who Walk the Seven Ways, please contact the University of Nebraska Press.
All other permissions, inquiries and questions can be sent directly to me: Terra Trevor


Writing, Reading and Living

Welcome and thank you for dropping by. I'm an essayist, memoirist, a contributor to fifteen books, the author of two memoirs, and essa...

In Writing Motherhood
In these twenty essays, Terra Trevor explores themes of motherhood, race, ethnicity, identity, foster care, adoption, community and family ties. In sharing her thoughts about the urgent business of being alive, Trevor the essayist is defiant, funny, and courageously honest.
Earth and the Great Sea Journal | Blog
My journal at Earth and the Great Sea is my open field, to explore, tell stories, think out loud, find inspiration, and share updates.