In Writing Motherhood

Author Terra Trevor turns to themes of Motherhood 
Essays exploring themes of community, race, identity, family ties, foster parenting, adoption and motherhood in all of its forms.
Before I was a mother, I have always been a writer. I'm well into grandmotherhood now, leaving a trail of my motherhood footsteps behind with twenty-one of my favorite previously published essays.

The other day a good writer-friend asked me, “Have you considered writing a book about motherhood after the kids are grown?” A sequel to my memoir Pushing up the Sky? Hmmm. I wonder what that book would be about? 
Another writer-friend came up with the perfect title 'Sex and the City Indian' a collection of narratives written by Native women about romance, family and marriage, and you can count me in. But kidding aside, I have written a second memoir about love, aging from youth into beauty, with reflections on the deep power of female friendships, and reconciling complicated roots. 

My new memoir, We Who Walk the Seven Ways, will be published by University of Nebraska Press in 2023. And when I was in the early stages of writing the book, I discovered that first I needed to explore how my identity as a mother has grown and changed over the past four decades, and in order to move forward, I had to go back. 
Please join me at In Writing Motherhood. Or maybe you would rather read 'Sex and the City Indian.'