My writing can also be found in the following blogs and online journals:

Terra Trevor Huffington Post

Deciding to Live With Less and Other Minimalist Lessons Learned from Fire (HuffPost) 

Children of the Powwow: Changing The Way We See Native America (HuffPost)

Thankfulness and Rewriting History (HuffPost)

Happy Thanksgiving: An American Indian Perspective (HuffPost)

An All American Korean American 4th of July (HuffPost)

My Year at the Shelter (HuffPost)

Bring Me Hope: Foster Parenting Through Tough Times (HuffPost)

Family Caregivers: Sharing the Journey (HuffPost)

Thoughts On Adoption Motherhood, In Black, White And Technicolor (HuffPost)

When a Child Dies: Living With Loss, Healing With Hope (HuffPost)

Voices Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors (Johns Hopkins University Press)

River, Blood, And CornA Community of Voices Literary Journal, Contributing Editor

A Reminder of What Solstice is All About (

How to Cultivate Quiet in the Chaos of Holidays (

What Thanksgiving Means To This Native American (

You May Think It's Harmless Dressing Like A Native American On Halloween. Here's Why You Are Wrong ( 

For Indians, No Columbus Day (

In Writing Motherhood: Essays exploring themes of race, transracial adoption, 

raising a child with a life threatening illness and healing from the death of a child.

Prepping for the Day You Hope Never Arrives: Facing Recurrence (Johns Hopkins University Press)

  • Journal and pen in my hand, I sit staring at the leaves on the trees tossing in the wind. Above my head hangs a thousand paper cranes; good luck cranes. A...
  • Terra Trevor is an essayist, memoirist and nonfiction writer of a diverse body of work. She values the collective experience and collaborates with other w...

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