In this collection of writing I turn to my favorite literary terrain exploring themes of community, race, family, the natural world, simple life, simplicity, and sharing my thoughts on the urgent business of being alive. Some of these pieces have been published previously, excerpts from my books, magazine articles and guest essays published in other online places. A number of posts are serious/substantial, balanced with lighter topics. Most of all, my writing is timeless (vs. timely).

Simple Life, Simplicity 

My Journey Toward Less 
Deciding to Live with Less and Other Minimalist Lessons Learned from Fire 
The Clothes We Wear at Home
Project 333, Simple Life and Moderately Minimal Archives: Search all posts 
How to Cultivate Quiet in the Chaos of the Holidays

Earth and The Great Sea (online journal)

Spirituality and Storytelling 

My Journal Writing: Reflecting on my Journey

Growing up Native American

Indian Summer Blonde
First Firefly
Wilma Mankiller
Freefall Home
It's A Very Dirty Job
Tomol Evening
Tomol Trek 
Tending the Fire: Native Voices and Portraits
American Indians In Children's Literature
A Chapter from The People Who Stayed: Southeastern Indian Writing After Removal 
Children of the Powwow: Changing the Way We See Native America (Huffington Post)
Thankfulness and Rewriting History (Huffington Post)
Happy Thanksgiving: A Native American Perspective (Huffington Post)

Also see my essays on Native American topics published in other online places

Making a Difference 

Race and White Privilege KAAN Conference Session
My Year at the Shelter: At-Risk Youth and Kids in Foster Care (Huffington Post)
Voices Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Rejecting cancer clich├ęs that deal in terms of winning, or losing
Family Caregivers: Sharing the Journey (Huffington Post)
Bring Me Hope: Foster Parenting Through Tough Times (Huffington Post)
When a Child Dies: Living with Loss, Healing with Hope

Just Having Fun
The Moon In Pisces With An Appetite Rising
Autumn in Dixon 
Taming the Wild, in Me 
Today I Am Every Age I Ever Was
One Possible Thing Before Breakfast, The Garden
The Stories His Banjo Told
George Carlin on Indians
Sex and the City Indian

Reading, Writing and Living

I'm not a German person, I'm not a white person, I'm not a totally Native person 
A Community of Children Writers
Owning Difference: An Interview with Terra Trevor
Do you have a favorite bookstore? Tell me about it 
Back In Those Days, in Korea
An All American Korean American 4th of July
Tucson Festival of Books: Thank You For The Memories

Motherhood and Transracial Adoption 

Close and Connected: KAAN
Three Sections from MY Life
Up Close and Personal: Adoption Motherhood

Pushing up the Sky, A Mother's Story

A Memoir by Terra Trevor

Books and Other Writings
Books by Terra Trevor, or containing her work 
Links to essays published in other online places