Do you have a favorite bookstore? Tell me about it.

He is careful of what he reads, for that is what he will write. He is careful of what he learns, for that is what he will know.―Annie Dillard

Any writer and reader could spend her vacation traveling from one great bookstore to another, and today I am.

The morning air is cool and smells of juniper smoke. Wind rattles the leaves on the oak tree and the light from the window is diffuse and gray.

Currently I'm doing rounds of waking at 5. Greeting Sunrise. Coffee. Writing. 
 But before I settled down to work I found a gem of a bookstore post from my friend Kyungmee.

What a wonderful thing it would be to spend a couple weeks traveling with my destination being one great bookstore after another. But since I can't (at least not right now) I am traveling in my armchair.

Do you have a favorite bookstore? Tell me about it.


LisaMarie said...

Green Apple Books in SF! I LOVE LOVE this place. Used and New books co-mingling together. sigh. I could live there.

Terri said...

Do I have to choose just one? It's not possible. Powell's Books in Portland is fantasic for both it's enormity and depth. My hometown favorite is Chaucer's. The towering shelves hold a deceptive breadth of material in close, no frills, yet browse able quarters. and then there's Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park (just outside Seattle). Knowledgeable friendly staff that clearly love literature make you want to linger just a little bit longer. If that isn't enough, once you've made your selection you can wander off into the common for a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine and get a lttle reading done before you head for home.

carriemooch said...

tattered cover in Denver CO
I second Powells
and I love our local B&N

Margie said...

Busboys & Poets in DC: comfy couches, poetry, and catfish and collards to die for, plus a really unique bookstore.

Ditto Powell's, although I've only used their online store.

kyungmee said...

Hi Terra!!! Thank you so much for linking Baldwin's Book Barn!! I hope they get more visitors!And I want to thank you for your comment on Baldwin's Book Barn! I found out that this GREAT Historical place/book store will have to sell their place and store! I hope by blogging about it and linking to their websites I may help to keep the place going! It has been the book barn for over 70 yrs and the place has been there since 1800s!! Maybe perhaps, by linking over to their site we may help to perserve this wonderful grounds..their are only a handful of places like this in the United States! Thanks Again, Terra!! And have a great weekend!!

Jeannie said...

there are so many i've visited over the years. but for now i'll say it's The BookMark, right here in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I feel so fortunate to actually have a book store in town I can ride my bike to. They have book clubs, author visits, everything. In a world of technology, which I love, and Kindle which I haven't tried but I know has its place - preserving the community of the bookstore is important to those of us who love books...and community. Our book store won't fail b/c of its location - it's a valued part of our town center and b/c of the community that's grown around it.

a book store tour vacation would truly be heaven for me.

Diane said...

Really Kyungmee? How sad. What a wonderful experience it is to enter Baldwin’s. I have some very treasured books from there.

Powell’s in PDX is certainly a wowza kind of book hunting experience.

For me- it is my local library. Not because it is anything out of the ordinary but because it is sheer ordinary. It reminds me of my local library from my childhood which still exists on the other side of the country.

Its smallness can slightly frustrate because they often don’t have what I am looking for- and there is no library exchange program. But, because they don’t have what I am looking for I usually find something completely unexpected and inspiring.

I am indeed a library geek- as a child I always joined the summer reading program! Watching my girls hunt for books in the library is a parenting high.

Stacy Clark said...

Any one that has books. (I've never met a bookstore I didn't like.) Great tour idea!

Margie said...

Thanks, Terra, for listing Busboys & Poets!

Now here's an idea: A tour of U.S. bookstores. Can you imagine taking a trip with like-minded folks and visiting all these great bookstores? Now THAT would be a vacation I'd jump at!


Anonymous said...

Book Passage in Larkspur, California. Although I haven't been there since we moved to Arizona. I miss it and especially their wonderful author events and workshops.

kyungmee said...

Terra:)) Just wanted to stop by and tell you I added your comment from my site to Baldwin's Book Barn FB Fan Page and linked it back to your site here!! Have a great week!!

kyungmee said... are you? That is so wonderful! I will mention that on their site! The more other's know about places like these..they will continue to exist and not be replaced or worth not.

Terra said...

Thanks everyone.

Let's keep this link going.
Where is your favorite bookstore? Tell us about it.

Anonymous said...

In our city (Toronto), the story of indie book sellers being crowded out by the big-box stores makes this a terribly sad topic! I loved Pages, but it's gone. My kid loves the monolith Chapters-Indigo and has never really had the experience of browsing in a small, independently operated store. The local library is a treasure, though. Small, old, built over 100 years ago.

Terra said...

John sent an e-mail to me recommending "Paulina Springs Bookstore" in Sisters, Oregon. Locally owned, very fine quality, and the most excellent staff offering the best help.

Marla wrote: "The Book Stores around here are all going out of business due to the internet. I use to love going to a locale favorite bookstore with my kids and we could sit and read books and I could drink coffee. It was so nice it was almost too good to be true. Now sadly it is gone because not enough people were buying the books."

Terri wrote: "Lost Horizon in Santa Barbara is pretty wonderful. Lots of California art, natural history, and other fun bookshelf discoveries."

Anonymous said...

We tend to love used bookstores. In Eugene, there's the Smith Family Bookstore, in 2 locations. Such huge selections! With my granddaughter's Christmas list of 40 books, I headed to Smith and perused their young adult section. Some of her gifts were from the list, others were Caldecot and Newbury award winners that I thought she'd enjoy, plus a few classics.

Another favorite is Bart's Books in Ojai. Just bcs you can take a book and throw the money over the wall, if they're not open. It's an 'outdoor' bookstore, and so quaintly trusting!

When we travel, we tend to search out used bookstores like the Pea Picker in Tyler, TX.

What a fun topic!