The Moon In Pisces With An Appetite Rising

The pinto bean south-of-the-border style recipe I collected in Taos on the day my friend Tom arranged for me to have my astrology read, is my favorite, being hot, spicy and down right sincere. It makes a tasty quick dinner, and is especially good when I’m wise enough to keep a pot of oregano growing all year.

I may not have thought to seek out an astrology reading, which is why it turned out to be wildly fun when Chris set up a reading with his friend Lucy, and sent me off.

Lucy greeted me at the end of a long driveway that was mostly mud and slushy snow. She opened her bright blue door and invited me in.

“First I need to get dinner started.” She explained. I wondered how long that would take, and sat down at the oak dining table and began to enjoy my wait while she busied herself at a large black wood-burning stove.

Used brick covered the cottage floors. The natural pine cupboards were snug and the doorways were low. Open shelves housed baskets of dried oregano and sage, and canning jars filled with apricots and cherries. A sweet potato vine spilled out of an amber glass container.

There was no evidence of the supper she was preparing other than a yellow and red bell pepper sitting on the cutting board, yet I had the feeling cozy warmth would be cooked up in a matter of minutes. I was right. Soon I smelled pinto beans simmering. She sliced the peppers, chopped some garlic and five minutes later she popped the mixture into the oven.

Lucy appeared at my side, silver hair reached past her waist. She handed me a tan paper with my astrological chart hand drawn in careful script and joined me at the table.

“I want you to see this star.” The words flowed from Lucy like clear water from a mountain stream. “This is happening between two nodes and a trine and it’s rare.”

I settled into an oak armchair, propping my elbows on the table, listening with a hungry mind and learned more about the five major aspects I'm dealing with determined by the planets or points involved.

After she was finished with my reading Lucy invited me to stay for dinner.

Lucy’s Pinto Beans
About 2 cups of cooked pinto beans
A small amount of cooked chicken, diced - optional
1 cup of cooked rice
A little bit of sour cream
1 cup of yellow hominy
A yellow, and a red bell pepper, chopped
Onion, chopped
2 or 3 garlic cloves, chopped
2 or 3 tomatoes, chopped
Fresh or dried oregano
New Mexico chili powder

In a large skillet over medium heat sauté peppers, garlic, onion in olive oil until tender. Add tomatoes, chili powder and cumin, cook 5 minutes. Take the skillet off the stove and add other ingredients, along with a little bit of sour cream. Stir to blend. Put into a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for 35 or 40 minutes. Top with sliced red Serrano chiles, green onions, and cilantro and serve with tortillas or cornbread.

The day ended with me gaining a better understanding of the way the planets shaped my life (I'm a yod person-- which means I should expect the unexpected, which comes as no surprise to me) and everything Lucy explained about my astrology chart rang true and took me home to who I am. It was like water returning to the riverbeds... and I also had a sudden inspiration to cook.


Anonymous said...

Your writing drew me in in a way I felt as if I were there, too, sitting in the brick-floored cottage with pinto beans simmering on the stove. I love living vicariously through your unique experiences and viewpoint--yet now I'm hungry for pinto beans. Stacy

Diane said...

I smell it. I see it. I love it. And that is coming from a Pisces ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story, Terra, and as usual beautiful writing. Since I'm not a cook, I'd love to hear what else she told you in your reading!

Randy said...

Nice reading for a Sunday evening. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Margie said...

Wonderful story,Terra - and a great recipe, too!